1st Post... regarding church post / by Joshua Moore

It is with great excitement that my family and I will be joining the amazing collection of believers who have come together to establish City Church Houston. I am thankful that my friend Leo Schuster and the other builders of the church have accepted my offer to serve as the Worship Arts Director starting in the fall. As attenders of Christ the King for the first couple years of our marriage, my wife Elise, and I were ministered to in a profound way by Leo’s teaching and leadership. Upon reconnecting following his and Ellen’s return to Houston after leading Redeemer Presbyterian in Manhattan, I felt that a very specific call of purpose, with roots going back to my youth, was reaching a season of fruition; an opportunity to be a part of building a church from the ground up.

As exciting as this was, it was not an easy decision. The community of Ecclesia Houston is our rock; our faithful family whose place in our hearts and history will never be taken. Additionally, I have been amazed at the true depth of character and  level of brilliance in the leadership and staff. It is a uniquely Christ-centered, service-focused collection of world class professionals. Our love and respect for Chris Seay, Steven Hicks, the entire staff, and congregation at large only continues to grow and we see no reason, regardless of what the future holds, to ever let go of this community. We plan on attending services as much as possible, serving in worship on occasion, and finding wholly new ways to strengthen the bonds between our family and the Ecclesians that have enriched our lives for over 5 years. To them, we are very grateful. I look forward to the rest of the summer as I continue to lead worship for the next 2 months, as well as assist in the planning for the next chapter of Worship Arts at Ecclesia. The future of music at the Elder and Chartres campuses is very bright.

While it will be difficult to conclude leading the worship for the 4 services at Elder, the opportunity to be a part of the forging of a new congregation as well as a new direction for art in the Church has been something I’ve been interested in since I was a kid, watching my parents build the music program at Second Baptist Houston. I believe this to be the primary force that the Spirit has used to urge me and my family to serve in this coming season of life with City Church. It will be a long journey, with a destination I can’t fully see, but we are incredibly excited to join this new family on the road ahead. I praise our Father for His CREATIVE providence and His faithfulness to never create a calling in us without fashioning the answer to match. 

Grace. Peace. And Music.